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Whose race am I running?

Training for my half-marathon is being hindered by my calf.  I hydrate, I eat bananas, I rest it, ice it, stretch it, massage it (and other connecting muscles), but after 2 miles yesterday it cramped up again.  Something else is wrong, I fear. This setback has got me thinking about whose race I am running.  … Continue reading


Management. Great post by a fellow blogger.  I needed to read that this morning. As my cold continues to hang on, the training feels insurmountable.  We did an interval workout yesterday (Yay for sunshine and a little melting of the snow/ice) that just about wiped my out.  But, I did it. The part of the … Continue reading

Here we go!

The “official” training begins.  And, I have a cold.  And, there is too much snow on the ground.  And, ….. And,….. And, …. I can come up with a lot of “Ands” when I need to.  But, I committed to this. And,…..I must train. So, here we go!


Many of my friends have exciting things happening in their lives.  Weddings, engagements, pregnancies, new distances, new jobs.  I am entering a very ordinary period.  My little (now) family of four is settling in to a routine.  Sami is sleeping through the night (I was blessed with 2 excellent sleepers.  It scares me for what … Continue reading