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Dog running problems.

Riley, my 50 pound mutt, likes to run with me.  She is a great partner, especially at night.  She has these yellow-ish eyes and a bark that would send any threatening people running. There are problems that go along when running with a dog.  She used to cross in front of me while running.  When she … Continue reading

My job is making me faster.

It has been a while since I posted. Here is what has happened with my running. Training for a half marathon. On my 8-mile run, my calf cramped up and it was never the same. This cramp was so bad that I limped. But, I rested, drank water, stretched and got back out there. Two-miles … Continue reading

Welcome to funky town. Population: me.

I am in a funk.  The weather is depressing.  My job has been stressful the last few weeks.  I have let my running slide.  Down into oblivion. Ok, in reality the funk is not insurmountable.  It hasn’t even been a week yet.  Nonetheless, the idea of sitting in my sweats with tea and my afghan is … Continue reading

My tempo run and the ambulance on campus.

Tuesday, it was 60 degrees in central Ohio.  Friday it is supposed to be 19.  Ohio weather. My best running friend (BRF) and I had a tempo run scheduled.  It was perfect weather.  We work together at a community college and have a 1-mile loop around campus.  Our tempo run was broken into 1-mile segments. … Continue reading

Own it.

Own it.  That is the title of the half-marathon training plan my running buddy and I will embark on beginning February 3.  In preparation for the Cap City Half Marathon, a lovely jaunt around the capital of Ohio, we will be using a plan from the book Train Like a Mother.  The book was written … Continue reading

Merry Christmas.

A tradition of mine is to have cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.  The smell of cinnamon rolls cooking is unparalleled.  Today also marked the day where I decided to get off my butt and out the door.  December has been very low mileage.  And by low, I mean none.  What better day to get back … Continue reading

The runner’s walk of shame.

Sometimes my body just doesn’t work right. I have been running for the better part of 2 decades and have not suffered any major injuries. My knees get stiff, my left arch tugs a little sometimes (leftover from my high school days), and chaffing can sideline me, but overall, I can boast a pretty healthy … Continue reading

Will run for wine.

Thursday, I attacked the Flying Feather Four Miler and dominated. Well, my form of dominated. A beautiful day for a run through a local metropark. A Thanksgiving 4 miler with 3,999 of my closest friends. However, before I hit the mile mark my Garmin died. I should stop and point out that I am a … Continue reading