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My job is making me faster.

It has been a while since I posted. Here is what has happened with my running. Training for a half marathon. On my 8-mile run, my calf cramped up and it was never the same. This cramp was so bad that I limped. But, I rested, drank water, stretched and got back out there. Two-miles … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day on Facebook

I conducted a non-scientific content analysis of Facebook on Valentine’s Day.  Watching the most popular social media outlet throughout the day led me to the following conclusions about Valentine’s Day on Facebook: The romantic post.  “Look at what my love did for me!  S/he is the best!  I love her/him!” This is followed by a … Continue reading

Where knitting and running collide.

The  tragic events in Newtown, CT have left my mind a flurry of thoughts and emotions.  I look at my kids and want to lock them in their room playing with blocks and doing puzzles for the rest of their lives.  I get frustrated by the constant barrage of explanations that pop up on Facebook.  … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Thickness.

I am coming off a weekend of 1 rehearsal dinner, 2 weddings, volunteering to help hubby at church, leaving the house at 7AM today, fighting a cold, being doped on Sudafed, and no running.  Last week I completed one run.  That’s it.  Just one.  It was a good run for me, almost 3.5 miles at an 11 minute … Continue reading


Four years ago we elected a president who ran on the campaign ideology of CHANGE.  Last night, we re-elected this same man.  While my more conservative friends argue that this is not CHANGE and detrimental to our nation, I got to thinking about the CHANGE in my life since we embarked on a season of CHANGE … Continue reading

Why can’t I just run?

The past week has been suck-o for the running.  I did hit the treadmill when the weird, cold, spitting rain hit on Wednesday.  But, when my running partner canceled on Friday, I also canceled.  Loser (me not her).  Now, I am eating too much of my kid’s Halloween candy waiting for hubby to come home … Continue reading

Yeah, baby. Swinging is in.

Back at work. Back to my ordinary life. Back to my friends. Back to a job I love. Back to running. During the week, I have a running buddy to keep me company. More specifically, I have a running buddy to pull me along as I gasp and wheeze. Now, I can really use this … Continue reading

Bring It.

The words of the wise Tony from P90X. I am not actually doing the whole program.  But, I did do Ab Ripper X today (“Not 1 or 2.  This is Ab Ripper three hundred and….”).  This core needs to come back.  Tomorrow, I may regret it. My husband and I have cut out refined carbs … Continue reading