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The runner’s walk of shame.

Sometimes my body just doesn’t work right. I have been running for the better part of 2 decades and have not suffered any major injuries. My knees get stiff, my left arch tugs a little sometimes (leftover from my high school days), and chaffing can sideline me, but overall, I can boast a pretty healthy … Continue reading


Four years ago we elected a president who ran on the campaign ideology of CHANGE.  Last night, we re-elected this same man.  While my more conservative friends argue that this is not CHANGE and detrimental to our nation, I got to thinking about the CHANGE in my life since we embarked on a season of CHANGE … Continue reading

Same Old.

There are many blogs out there about why social media is bad for our soul/self-esteem/well-being/spirituality/etc.  This rant is no different other than the fact that this is my rant. I like reading blogs where people talk about how they are not perfect and it is completely ok to not be perfect.  It makes you feel … Continue reading

Words I consistently spell wrong….

I pride myself on my ability to spell.  In our world of autocorrect and spellcheck, spelling seems to be a lost art form.  I never did participate in spelling bees.  Standing in front of people still makes me sweat and I would rather sweat running (see “About Meg”).  Spelling bees amaze me and while I won’t … Continue reading