About Meg

I have been a runner since my eighth grade track coach asked me to run the 800, until then I was a thrower.  At one meet, towards the end of the season, I placed third and a crazy voice chirped in my head, “you should run cross-country.”  Crazy.  But, I did run cross-country and track.  I continued running in college (Go Terriers!) and completed my first marathon in grad school.

Today, I am the mother of a very active 2-year-old boy and 7-month old baby girl.  My running is not now, nor has it ever been, fast.  These days it is a nice slow plod.  But, thanks to my running friend and my dog, I am getting faster.

My opinionated observations of the world began at a young age as well.  I majored in sociology and work at a community college.  People fascinate me, road races are a great place for a sociologist.  If I had to pick a motto it would be along the lines of, “sit back and enjoy the view.”  I don’t jump into the crowd, I would rather watch.

Here is what I have noticed about myself, my running, and the world.

Looks like an engagement shot, but we were already married.


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