Dog running problems.

Riley, my 50 pound mutt, likes to run with me.  She is a great partner, especially at night.  She has these yellow-ish eyes and a bark that would send any threatening people running.

There are problems that go along when running with a dog.  She used to cross in front of me while running.  When she gets tired she stops to pee, just a little, but enough to catch her breath.  (I wish I could just stop and squat without risking indecent exposure charges.) A stray animal may cause her to jump and yank me off my path.  Stopping to pick up her poop.  Very dignified.  My dog does her business and I get to carry a bag of poo and smell it the rest of the run.

Well, usually I clean up after my dog.  I am diligent about picking it up.  Unless I lose my bag.  All bundled up for a cold winter run, plastic grocery bag shoved in my pocket and off we go. After the turn around, we are headed back home and Riley squats.  I grab the bag…the bag is not there. Crap.  Well that is where it will lie. Sorry community.  At least the temp is below freezing and soon it will snow.


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