My job is making me faster.

It has been a while since I posted. Here is what has happened with my running.

Training for a half marathon. On my 8-mile run, my calf cramped up and it was never the same. This cramp was so bad that I limped. But, I rested, drank water, stretched and got back out there. Two-miles in, it cramped. Repeat above behavior with the same results. Grrrrr. Went to my massage therapist friend (and not the nice massage–ART–ouch) who told me the calf is really tight deep into the tissue. I canceled my registration and rested.

Now, I am doing the couch-to-5k plan. I have been running for 20 years and I did not want to do this plan. I just want to run. My 35-year-old, post-baby body does not want that. I had to realize I can’t jump into it like I did at 20 and not expect to get hurt. So, my zombie friend tells me when to run. And, to tell the truth, I really like the plan (and the iPhone app).

I run after work and, when Johnny Dead tells me to jog, I jog away my frustrations and stiffness from desk work. I try to keep myself at a nice pace, but when work makes me mad I get faster.

If I get really frustrated, maybe I could qualify for Boston.


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