Valentine’s Day on Facebook

I conducted a non-scientific content analysis of Facebook on Valentine’s Day.  Watching the most popular social media outlet throughout the day led me to the following conclusions about Valentine’s Day on Facebook:

  1. The romantic post.  “Look at what my love did for me!  S/he is the best!  I love her/him!” This is followed by a picture of flowers, candy, cute card, etc.
  2. Out to dinner.  “Celebrating Valentine’s Day!” Here comes a picture of the meal and/or drinks from the dinner.
  3. Cute kids.  Here, the FB user posts a picture of their kid(s) in red/surrounded by hearts/holding a card/or some other recreation of a Pinterest post.
  4. Building on #3, the daddy/daughter Valentine.  Nothing makes us say “awww” like a father loving his daughter.
  5. Post a celeb pic.  Find famous people put a heart frame around them and title it “my true love.”
  6. The anti-romance post.  Here the cynics preach about how they don’t need a holiday to feel loved.  They love in fun romantic ways all year.  These posts seem to come from women (including my mother).  I have yet to see a male friend state that they don’t need a card or flowers to feel loved.

So that it doesn’t seem like I am sarcastically criticizing others. I will share my V-Day post.

Caption: She did not get the valentines she wanted.

Caption: She did not get the valentines she wanted.

I call this blackmail for later in life.

Happy V-Day everyone!


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