Posted in February 2013

Welcome to funky town. Population: me.

I am in a funk.  The weather is depressing.  My job has been stressful the last few weeks.  I have let my running slide.  Down into oblivion. Ok, in reality the funk is not insurmountable.  It hasn’t even been a week yet.  Nonetheless, the idea of sitting in my sweats with tea and my afghan is … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day on Facebook

I conducted a non-scientific content analysis of Facebook on Valentine’s Day.  Watching the most popular social media outlet throughout the day led me to the following conclusions about Valentine’s Day on Facebook: The romantic post.  “Look at what my love did for me!  S/he is the best!  I love her/him!” This is followed by a … Continue reading


Management. Great post by a fellow blogger.  I needed to read that this morning. As my cold continues to hang on, the training feels insurmountable.  We did an interval workout yesterday (Yay for sunshine and a little melting of the snow/ice) that just about wiped my out.  But, I did it. The part of the … Continue reading

Here we go!

The “official” training begins.  And, I have a cold.  And, there is too much snow on the ground.  And, ….. And,….. And, …. I can come up with a lot of “Ands” when I need to.  But, I committed to this. And,…..I must train. So, here we go!