My tempo run and the ambulance on campus.

Tuesday, it was 60 degrees in central Ohio.  Friday it is supposed to be 19.  Ohio weather.

My best running friend (BRF) and I had a tempo run scheduled.  It was perfect weather.  We work together at a community college and have a 1-mile loop around campus.  Our tempo run was broken into 1-mile segments.  Perfect.  Should have been a great run.

My BRF floated like a gazelle through the run.  I huffed and puffed and could barely lift my legs.  Even with the struggle I managed to keep my time pretty steady and quick.

I was a little concerned when I came to the end of the second tempo mile and an ambulance was staring at me.  Did someone call it after seeing me wheeze my way around campus?

The run is done.  It wasn’t perfect.  It wasn’t even one of those runs you look back on and say it isn’t too bad.  It sucked.  But, now it is done.  And, in the long run (pun intended!) it will make me faster.

Next week begins “official training.”  Now we get serious.  No more breaks.  In the words of Tony Horton, “Mini-break. Break’s over.”

The good soreness I feel today makes me really excited for May 4.


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