Foam roller: best friend or worst enemy?

I have a foam roller. I hate it. And, I love it. The darn thing causes me to grimace, grunt, groan, and sometimes, swear. But, man can it make my IT bands happy. Not while I am rolling around on it like an animal out of its habitat, but after, they thank me.

How can an IT band thank you, you might ask. Well, by relaxing and not causing lower back or calve or hip or other pain. It amazes me how this torture device can make the next day’s (and sleep) run so much better. I try to remind myself that as I make excuses not to give a roll.

Here I type at T-minus 2 weeks and 2 days until “official” half marathon training begins. My running buddy (follow her on Twitter @osuiloveyou) and I did a dreadmill interval workout and ran our intervals at our goal race pace. Throughout which, she kept saying we will never do it. I tried to remind her that we aren’t even in official training yet. And, she was the one who set the goal.

Until we get closer, our goal (which is realistic for us) remains the same. We will reevaluate each month (I just made that up). Who knows….maybe we will set a faster goal.


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