Own it.

Own it.  That is the title of the half-marathon training plan my running buddy and I will embark on beginning February 3.  In preparation for the Cap City Half Marathon, a lovely jaunt around the capital of Ohio, we will be using a plan from the book Train Like a Mother.  The book was written by two mother runners who also have a website titled Another Mother Runner and highlight the badassness of moms who run.  I have been a runner for over 2 decades, but a mom for just shy of 22 months.  Running now presents new challenges and greater rewards.  Their book and website offer great motivation, advice, and humorous anecdotes about what it means to be a mother runner (particularly a badass one).

May 4, here we come.  We will own you Cap City Half Marathon and have fun doing it.  We will probably be using the dreadmill for many of our early speed workouts to ensure good footing while we are basking in the beauty of icy winter.   But, we will get there together and cross that finish line in May.  Hopefully, our kids will be there to see it.


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