Merry Christmas.

A tradition of mine is to have cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.  The smell of cinnamon rolls cooking is unparalleled.  Today also marked the day where I decided to get off my butt and out the door.  December has been very low mileage.  And by low, I mean none.  What better day to get back on the road than a morning where I had one of these tasty treats….

Not-from-a-cardboard-tube deliciousness.

Not-from-a-cardboard-tube deliciousness.

In all honesty, I had 2 1/4 of the gooey cinnamonness above.  That is 1,000 calories and some change.  I am trying to get off the baby weight and have been watching the calories.  The holidays are not an easy time to do that.  Enter the Christmas Day run.

My 3.77 miles at a 12 minute pace took care of less than half of my Christmas morning tradition.  My canine girl, Riley, and I had a lovely run in the cold.  Now she is curled up sleeping by our beagle and I am ready for bed.

The tradition will continue next year.  Both the run and the rolls.

Merry Christmas!


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