Thanksgiving Thickness.

I am coming off a weekend of 1 rehearsal dinner, 2 weddings, volunteering to help hubby at church, leaving the house at 7AM today, fighting a cold, being doped on Sudafed, and no running.  Last week I completed one run.  That’s it.  Just one.  It was a good run for me, almost 3.5 miles at an 11 minute pace [3.48 mi | 38:50 | 11:09/mi].

No running.  Lots of good food.  Some adult beverages.  These all add up to a thick feeling.  Not a good feeling for a postpartum mom (or really anyone).  Blah.

Which brings me to this week. Thanksgiving.  The day to be thankful for all we have and to stuff ourselves with more.  The Thanksgiving thickness can last until February if I am not careful.  Thanksgiving blends into Christmas which eeks into New Years.  Resolutions are forgotten and the grayness of winter sets in reminding me that I am thicker in February then I was in August (well, technically, I will not be thicker in February than August, but I was 9 months pregnant in August).

That is why we have Turkey Trots (or in my case the Flying Feather Four Miler).  They burn off the calories before we can consume them, priming us to feel svelte all Thanksgiving day. I feel especially fit if I wear my race shirt the rest of the day.  I think of turkey trots as a kick-off to winter running.  The inaugural race where you see your breath and your eyebrows could freeze.

I love battling the Thanksgiving thickness with a fun race.  Plus, this race comes with a bottle of wine in my SWAG bag.


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