The Maiden Voyage.

Today is an important day in history.  Today marks the maiden voyage of the double jogger.  The beast on 3 wheels.  For the test run, my two cuties and I went to the park a mile from our house.  Run there. Son plays. Run home.  I won’t go as far as saying it felt like a marathon, but maybe a half.

I have a Baby Jogger Performance Series Double.  They don’t make this model anymore, but a local running store, where I used to work, still had one in stock.

Taking the beast to the park.

It will take some getting used to, but overall the first time out was a success.  Today’s run (2.11 mi | 25:46 | 12:13/mi) combined with yesterday’s great jaunt (4.0 mi | 46:04 | 11:31/mi) brings my weekly total to 12.37 miles (149 min 1 sec).

The weekly total above 12 means I met my secret weekly goal.  This may not seem like many miles, but I am pretty proud of the fact that Friday my tiny lady was 3 months old.  I did not run during pregnancy, so getting back to 12 miles a week 3 months postpartum is HUGE for me.

I should really work on my weekly goal being “secret.”  How would anyone know if I was honest in my secret weekly goal?



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