TV Crime shows are ruining my runs.

Let me set the scene.  A beautiful November evening.  The sun is low and bright.  The sky is blue.  It is about 55 degrees.  A 30-something mom chooses a local metropark for an unexpected run.  The park hosts myriad trees and wildlife…..but what else might be lurking in the woods.

She is off.  Listening to the sounds of her feet hitting asphalt.  The wind is blowing the trees slightly.  Gorgeous run.

But, this particular mom watches too many fictional crime shows. Criminal Minds, Law and Order (any variety), and even the occasional NCIS.  The metropark is the perfect setting for the next show.

I run, enjoying my thoughts, only to hear a rustle.  What was that?  A twig snap.  Who’s out there? And, of course, when a biker flies by and yells, “On the left!” I nearly jump out of my Mizunos.

I picture Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan coming to central Ohio to examine the scene.  Hotch and Rossi talk to my family and friends.  “Did Megan have any enemies?”  The super-smart new female will notice my Garmin is still running and get a better idea of how long I have been there.

The run finishes with 4-30 second striders (I feel so super fast when I do these) and I arrive safely at my car.  Kids are being chased by their dad on the playground.  A friend is there walking her dog.  Another runner trots by.  The ranger patrols slowly.

I studied crime and crime trends.  I know the likelihood of anything happening to me, a suburban mom, is small.  My education provided little comfort on this November evening.

TV crime shows are ruining my runs.

[3.10 mi | 37:20 | 12:02/mi]

Weekly total: 6.26 mi | 77:11


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