Four years ago we elected a president who ran on the campaign ideology of CHANGE.  Last night, we re-elected this same man.  While my more conservative friends argue that this is not CHANGE and detrimental to our nation, I got to thinking about the CHANGE in my life since we embarked on a season of CHANGE in the US.

Leading up to the 2008 election, my then-fiance and I campaigned hard for Obama.  We went to the primary in South Carolina.  He went to Indiana.  We worked hard to get the message and voters out.  And, we had fun doing it.  But, that year was going to mark CHANGE for the nation, for me, and my would-be husband.

Fall of 2007, I began working at a community college.  That first year was not easy.  My school emphasizes the importance of earning college credit in high school.  I had to work with and teach younger students than ever before.  I wanted to be a college professor to avoid parents and high schoolers.  My new job brought them right into my world.  I hated my job that first year, lost 30 pounds from the inability to eat, and cried every day.

Fall of 2007, I got engaged.  After 5 years of dating and 2 years of living together he popped the question.  We planned a very small, non-traditional wedding for Spring of 2008.

And, we campaigned.

Spring of 2008, one month shy of our wedding, my fiance ended the relationship.  Huh? My reaction was one of anger (it was 2 days after a bridal shower) and confusion (I really didn’t see it coming) and relief (I no longer had to worry about his anxiety).

Summer of 2008, I had fun.  Like I was back in college kind of fun.  Meanwhile, my husband-to-be was entering a period of tragedy beyond belief.

Fall of 2008, Obama is elected.  Holy cow.  Is he the CHANGE we need? Only history can answer that question.  I am still having fun and my husband-yet-to-meet is losing his wife and child.

Spring of 2009, I get invited to church by a friend.  This one act changes my life.  I become a Christian.  Then, I meet a man who is deciding whether or not he can love again.  And, one year after I was supposed to be married, I run my 4th (and fastest marathon).

(Careful…now the story goes really fast.)

Summer of 2009, the man decided he can love again.

Fall of 2009, we get engaged.

Spring of 2010, I get a promotion. Still working at the same community college only now I love my job.  My now-husband and I are married.

Summer of 2010, baby is on the way.

Fall of 2010, enjoying our newlywed life before baby arrives.

Spring of 2011, our son is born and we celebrate our 1 year anniversary.

Fall of 2011, I run a half-marathon 7 months after my son is born.  And, we learn that baby 2 is on the way.

Spring of 2012, hubby turns 40, son turns 1, and  2 years of marriage is in the bag.

Summer of 2012, our daughter is born.

Fall of 2012, Barack Obama is re-elected president of the United States.

A lot has CHANGED in 4 years.


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