Out the door.

Good morning!

I wrote the title for this post last night, hoping I would not hit snooze and get out the door.  I did.  Here we sit (Riley and I) with 3.16 miles (39:48 | 12:37/mi) completed and it is 6:10 AM (EST).

Today marks day one of my transition to morning running.  As a working mom of 2 young kids this is really the only time I can run and be consistent.  I must thank my sweet baby girl for being a champion sleeper, my toddler who has always loved “night, night,” and my hubby who snores through everything.

These are some of the signs I know it is early:

1.  My alarm clock told me so.

2.  The stoplights are still flashing.

3.  Our garbage has not been collected yet.

4.  McDonalds smells good, not greasy and stale.

5.  It is dark.  This one is also the reason why I tripped and freaked my dog out.

Last night I woke up many times thinking it was time to get up and not wanting to miss my alarm.  I hope that does not happen tonight.

Also, typing with a cut on the tip of your index finger is difficult.



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