Why can’t I just run?

The past week has been suck-o for the running.  I did hit the treadmill when the weird, cold, spitting rain hit on Wednesday.  But, when my running partner canceled on Friday, I also canceled.  Loser (me not her).  Now, I am eating too much of my kid’s Halloween candy waiting for hubby to come home so I can take him to the doctor (son, not hubby).

I hope my crazy dog gets me out the door with her annoying hovering.  When she needs exercise we aren’t giving her she hovers around us.

On a non-running note, there are so many Ohio State personalized plates.  Car owners get really creative in 7 letters to let the driving public know they are Buckeye fans.  I also noticed a new trend where people with hybrids announce their MPG on their plates.  What I can’t figure out is why you would pay extra money to the BMV to let other drivers know “MY50MPG”  or “BUCKIFN.”

Happy November.


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