Posted in November 2012

The runner’s walk of shame.

Sometimes my body just doesn’t work right. I have been running for the better part of 2 decades and have not suffered any major injuries. My knees get stiff, my left arch tugs a little sometimes (leftover from my high school days), and chaffing can sideline me, but overall, I can boast a pretty healthy … Continue reading

Will run for wine.

Thursday, I attacked the Flying Feather Four Miler and dominated. Well, my form of dominated. A beautiful day for a run through a local metropark. A Thanksgiving 4 miler with 3,999 of my closest friends. However, before I hit the mile mark my Garmin died. I should stop and point out that I am a … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Thickness.

I am coming off a weekend of 1 rehearsal dinner, 2 weddings, volunteering to help hubby at church, leaving the house at 7AM today, fighting a cold, being doped on Sudafed, and no running.  Last week I completed one run.  That’s it.  Just one.  It was a good run for me, almost 3.5 miles at an 11 minute … Continue reading

The Maiden Voyage.

Today is an important day in history.  Today marks the maiden voyage of the double jogger.  The beast on 3 wheels.  For the test run, my two cuties and I went to the park a mile from our house.  Run there. Son plays. Run home.  I won’t go as far as saying it felt like … Continue reading

TV Crime shows are ruining my runs.

Let me set the scene.  A beautiful November evening.  The sun is low and bright.  The sky is blue.  It is about 55 degrees.  A 30-something mom chooses a local metropark for an unexpected run.  The park hosts myriad trees and wildlife…..but what else might be lurking in the woods. She is off.  Listening to … Continue reading


Four years ago we elected a president who ran on the campaign ideology of CHANGE.  Last night, we re-elected this same man.  While my more conservative friends argue that this is not CHANGE and detrimental to our nation, I got to thinking about the CHANGE in my life since we embarked on a season of CHANGE … Continue reading

Out the door.

Good morning! I wrote the title for this post last night, hoping I would not hit snooze and get out the door.  I did.  Here we sit (Riley and I) with 3.16 miles (39:48 | 12:37/mi) completed and it is 6:10 AM (EST). Today marks day one of my transition to morning running.  As a … Continue reading

Why can’t I just run?

The past week has been suck-o for the running.  I did hit the treadmill when the weird, cold, spitting rain hit on Wednesday.  But, when my running partner canceled on Friday, I also canceled.  Loser (me not her).  Now, I am eating too much of my kid’s Halloween candy waiting for hubby to come home … Continue reading