Canine Companion.

Saturday I tried to head out the door by myself when my dog put her sad face in the window. Drat. I couldn’t leave her behind.

Riley was the subject of an earlier post. She is a lab mix. A brown mutt with yellowish eyes. She is a pretty good distance runner, too. Running with a dog really messes with a steady pace. You are going along at a nice clip and suddenly the leash is jerked because she has stopped to pee or poop or sniff something. I use a hands-free waist leash so when she stops suddenly I get pulled from the middle. Funny for observers.

While she may stop suddenly she is much faster than I, so at other times I am trying to get her to stay at my side. Quite a workout. We made it 3.1 miles at a 12 minute pace, tried to chase 2 squirrels, dodged one Jack Russel, and had one poop (hers, not mine).

There are few times when I run without a stroller or a dog. In my mind, I am really super fast. I just have too many companions.


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