Yeah, baby. Swinging is in.

Back at work. Back to my ordinary life. Back to my friends. Back to a job I love. Back to running.

During the week, I have a running buddy to keep me company. More specifically, I have a running buddy to pull me along as I gasp and wheeze. Now, I can really use this blog as a running journal. So here it goes.

Monday. 74 degrees (It is Ohio, next week it may snow). 3.0 miles. 34:53. 11:37 pace. Thought maybe my legs would not move the next day, but I was in pretty good shape. Also brought it with Tony Horton and Ab Ripper X (ouch). Yeah, baby. Maybe it was a fluke.

Wednesday. 75+ degrees (expect snow soon). 3.08 miles. 35:07. 11:24 pace. Hmmm…not a fluke? Yeah, baby.

As a comparison, I looked up a 5k I did in December 2011. This was after I trained for a half and I thought I was in pretty good shape. 35:51. 11:32 pace. Yeah, baby.

Now, about swinging. No, I am not into swapping spouses. I live in it. I mentioned above that I live in Ohio. In case you weren’t aware we are having a presidential election this year. Ohio is a swing state. This means ad after political ad. The ads are amusing at best and insulting most of the time. Please voters, find out about the issues and don’t let these ads (from either side) tell you how to vote.


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