Many of my friends have exciting things happening in their lives.  Weddings, engagements, pregnancies, new distances, new jobs.  I am entering a very ordinary period.  My little (now) family of four is settling in to a routine.  Sami is sleeping through the night (I was blessed with 2 excellent sleepers.  It scares me for what the teen years will offer.) Nick is getting over his jealousy of the new baby and is talking more than ever.  He constantly amazes us with his vocabulary and reminds us to watch our mouths!  Paul and I have been married 2 and 1/2 years and look forward to having a year go by with no pregnancy.  I head back to work tomorrow.  Ordinary.

Sometimes, I get jealous of those who are leading these (seemingly) exciting lives.  I think it is about the attention.  Yet, attention really means stress.  Even taking on a new distance in running is stressful.  Actually training can take away the stress, but that means getting my butt out the door.  I don’t want stress! Or, do I?

Why do I feel pangs of jealousy as a friend announces an engagement when I am already happily married?  Why do I feel a little envy inside at the revealing of a pregnancy when I have two wonderful children and don’t want more?  Why am do I turn a little green when a friend has a great race when I have done that distance many, many times?

Hmmm….I hate to admit this because I claim to dislike the limelight, but I like the attention.  Who notices me if I am ordinary?  A little childlike I know.

This time, though, I am (mostly) happy to enter an ordinary time.  I want to settle in to my husband, children, job, and running.  I want my days to be plagued by routine.  I want the most exciting thing to be a change in the weather (since I am in Ohio this is likely from minute-to-minute).

Ordinary.  Yes, please.

P.S. (Can you do a P.S. in a blog?  I am.)  My husband captured this idea very nicely in a song.  Click here to listen to “Be Your Ordinary” by Paul Vertucci.


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