Posted in October 2012

Canine Companion.

Saturday I tried to head out the door by myself when my dog put her sad face in the window. Drat. I couldn’t leave her behind. Riley was the subject of an earlier post. She is a lab mix. A brown mutt with yellowish eyes. She is a pretty good distance runner, too. Running with … Continue reading

Yeah, baby. Swinging is in.

Back at work. Back to my ordinary life. Back to my friends. Back to a job I love. Back to running. During the week, I have a running buddy to keep me company. More specifically, I have a running buddy to pull me along as I gasp and wheeze. Now, I can really use this … Continue reading


Many of my friends have exciting things happening in their lives.  Weddings, engagements, pregnancies, new distances, new jobs.  I am entering a very ordinary period.  My little (now) family of four is settling in to a routine.  Sami is sleeping through the night (I was blessed with 2 excellent sleepers.  It scares me for what … Continue reading

Bring It.

The words of the wise Tony from P90X. I am not actually doing the whole program.  But, I did do Ab Ripper X today (“Not 1 or 2.  This is Ab Ripper three hundred and….”).  This core needs to come back.  Tomorrow, I may regret it. My husband and I have cut out refined carbs … Continue reading

Back to Life.

Monday I return to work.  This evokes anxiety and excitement. I am anxious about leaving my kids, balancing work and family, fitting into my clothes.  But, I am excited to return to a job I love and coworkers who are dear friends. At least the clothes thing I can do something about.  I have “run” … Continue reading