My Crazy Dog.

My sweet baby girl was born August 9.  Today, I started back to my “running.”  Baby in her seat and dog at my side I walked 2.19 miles.  It was very nice.  Until my dog saw three little dogs, barked, and lunged.

Riley is a 60 pound lab mix with unique yellow eyes and a bark that could scare off the worst criminal.  She lets my son climb all over her and does nothing.  But, put a tiny dog in her path (or any dog) and she sounds like a trained hunter.  We are working on this.  Trainers have been called in and we have the tools to train her.  Dog training may be harder than kid training.  People tend not to be afraid of kids, but today a woman picked up her child as she walked past me and my crazy dog.  Oh, yes, the judgment when you have a crazy dog is pretty ubiquitous.

Running and walking with a crazy dog makes the experience very interesting.

We will keep working with Riley and I will work on my running (walking).  Image


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