Same Old.

There are many blogs out there about why social media is bad for our soul/self-esteem/well-being/spirituality/etc.  This rant is no different other than the fact that this is my rant.

I like reading blogs where people talk about how they are not perfect and it is completely ok to not be perfect.  It makes you feel good about yourself when reading these.  Either you feel good because you do the same thing or you do “it” better (plug in your own “it”).  I dislike blogs (and Facebook) when someone is talking about their great kid, dinner, workout, etc., etc., etc.  It is easy to brush off the feeling when it is a stranger’s blog, but when it is your “friend” on Facebook it can really cut to the core.  (For a great post on annoying things people do on Facebook check out The Boeskool.)

Of course the problem is me not people’s posts.  It is how I react to what my “friends” are doing.  (Perhaps I should reduce my number of “friends”.)  In virtual land I have control.  No need to read the annoying blogs or secretly check in on people who don’t pop up in my news feed.  People who really annoy me get “hidden.”  <Gasp!> Yes, that is right if I disagree with you, you no longer appear on my feed.  A lovely change from the old method of “unfriending.”  But, there are a few people among my “friends” that I check on frequently.  It is like a mosquito bite you can’t stop scratching. You know it can make you bleed, but you do it anyway.

Today was a particularly bad social media day.  Being 33 weeks pregnant really doesn’t help with any of these feelings, but today I reached the point where I almost…almost deactivated my Facebook account.  (Deactivation because Facebook never really goes away.)  But I rationalized that my mother and mother-in-law would not be able to see pictures of their grandchild (because my other blog and Shutterfly share site aren’t enough).  And I rationalized that there are people I won’t be able to contact in any other way (why I would have a desperate need to talk to someone I can’t contact any way other than Facebook was not at the forefront of my mind).  In reality, I think I keep Facebook because I like when people say nice things about my cute kid.  And, I really like scratching mosquito bites.


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