Public Restrooms.

Two posts in one day…wow.

I have been thinking about bathrooms, particularly what goes on in public bathrooms for some time.  Today put me over the edge.

At work we have one restroom in our building.  Students, staff, faculty, and visitors all descending in one location.  Interesting and annoying things happen in this restroom.  Being that I am 26 weeks pregnant, I spend a lot more time in the restroom than I would like.

Cell phones.  To the people in the stalls talking on your phone, we can hear you.  The doors are not sound proof.  Also, the person on the other end probably knows you are in the restroom.  I remember people being grossed out by individuals taking cordless phones to the john.  Now it is ok to have conversations (some which should remain private) in a public restroom?

Smokers.  When too many smokers are in the restroom at once it is like they are lighting up in there.  My hormonally sensitive nose does not enjoy it.

Talking through the stall.  Once the door closes conversation should stop.  I may need to concentrate.  Or, someone could walk in and overhear.

Time to head to the restroom, again, let’s see what is in store for me this time.


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