Posted in May 2012

My Cool Dude.

I love my boy. He first went in his jogging stroller when he could lift his head up and has loved cruising ever since then. He naps in the stroller. Checks out the people and animals. When it is really breezy (from the wind, not my speed) he picks up his little foot and wiggles … Continue reading

Public Restrooms.

Two posts in one day…wow. I have been thinking about bathrooms, particularly what goes on in public bathrooms for some time.  Today put me over the edge. At work we have one restroom in our building.  Students, staff, faculty, and visitors all descending in one location.  Interesting and annoying things happen in this restroom.  Being that … Continue reading

Paper or Plastic?

At the grocery store on Wednesday, I realized how much I hate grocery shopping.  Not because of my local market, but because I don’t like putting the stuff away when I get home.  The same is true of doing laundry. Wash, dry, fold…no problem.  Putting clothes away…problem. I like having my groceries packed in paper … Continue reading