Words I consistently spell wrong….

I pride myself on my ability to spell.  In our world of autocorrect and spellcheck, spelling seems to be a lost art form.  I never did participate in spelling bees.  Standing in front of people still makes me sweat and I would rather sweat running (see “About Meg”).  Spelling bees amaze me and while I won’t DVR the Scripps, if I happen to catch it I will watch it. (Spellbound was a great look inside the bee.)

However, there are words that my brain cannot seem to spell correctly.

judgement: why isn’t that “e” supposed to be there?

acceptence: again, I use an unnecessary “e”.

chronical: looks right to me.

impune: huh? you mean it is impugn (im-pug-n)?  No wonder spelling is sport (Scripps on ESPN) in America.

I am sure the list is longer, but these came up when I was typing a paper.  Sometimes, when I misspell words I question if I am pronouncing the words correctly. Maybe my “accent” is getting in the way.  Nah, I am from Ohio. I sound like the people on TV so I must not have an accent.  (This is sarcasm.  My NYC raised hubby, who seemed to escape with no NYC accent, claims I have one.  He even had a line about it in a song. 45s in.)

Thankfully, I live in a world where autocorrect changes my mistakes into words I never wanted and Bill Gates had Microsoft squiggly-underline my spelling errors in bright red.  (A word to online learners, those squiggly lines appear when professors open papers.  Hit spellcheck.)

I did hit spellcheck and had to resist the urge to change my misspellings.

(I also realized as I wrote this that I may overuse parantheses in my attempt at off-handed humor.)


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