Observations While Traveling.

I am on my way to Minneapolis for a sociology conference. I will see some good friends and have some laughs you would only understand if you are a sociologist. (You know the kind, people not in the “know” look at you like might be insane or really geeky.)

My day started at 4:15 AM in Westlake, Ohio. I made it to Park-n-Fly before 5 AM, a great experience, they pick you up at your car. Parking is more expensive for Cleveland airport than Columbus.

While enjoying my Dunkin Donuts half-caff, a girl came by loudly talking about “disco Barbie” in line in front of her. I was trying to picture what that looked like.

People on airplanes should really consider others when spritzing on the perfume and cologne in the morning. What smells good in the openness of your home or hotel can be overwhelming in a place with recirculated air.

I love flying Southwest. There are a number of reasons for this including, very few problems with flights, open boarding, humorous flight attendents, and little bags of peanuts. But I especially love that my bag flies for free. Because of this great feature of Southwest, if you whack me with your giant oversized carry-on you refuse to check in an effort to avoid baggage, I will give you a dirty look. That may also come with some very ungracious thoughts. (There are some expert travelers who are good at not hitting others with their bags, they are not common.)

The group of bleach blonde hockey players heading to nationals made much better airport companions than the group of chatty, giggly volleyball players. Good luck boys.

Discussions of gas prices can be added to the weather, profession, and hometown as topics of small talk. Trying to top your conversation mate with horror stories of the high prices and secretly feeling good that you still live in a place where the prices are still lower than elsewhere.

On the return flight, the Southwest attendants continued to amuse me. So funny.


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