Posted in April 2012

What is running?

I have run many, many miles over the years.  Some years are filled with more miles than others.  But, even off years remind me why I love running. Running, the word, may conjure up images of the fleet-of-foot floating across the pavement shoes merely nicking the ground.  Those thin, waif-like creatures who make the motion … Continue reading

Words I consistently spell wrong….

I pride myself on my ability to spell.  In our world of autocorrect and spellcheck, spelling seems to be a lost art form.  I never did participate in spelling bees.  Standing in front of people still makes me sweat and I would rather sweat running (see “About Meg”).  Spelling bees amaze me and while I won’t … Continue reading

Observations While Traveling.

I am on my way to Minneapolis for a sociology conference. I will see some good friends and have some laughs you would only understand if you are a sociologist. (You know the kind, people not in the “know” look at you like might be insane or really geeky.) My day started at 4:15 AM … Continue reading